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Rally Behind You simplifies and streamlines access to essential support resources at your fingertips when, where, and how they're needed most.

Empowering you through the treatment journey. 

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Instantly tap into the strength of communities, who are dispatched and matched to rally behind you for transportation to and from treatment, nutritious meals, household care, and more.

Focus on rest and recovery, not on logistics.

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867 Boylston Street

5th Floor #1930

Boston, MA 02116

+1 (857) 600-0757

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In March 2022, Rally Behind You co-founder and CEO Amin Katouzian, PhD, was confronted with the unthinkable: his wife's stage III multiple myeloma diagnosis.


As with the millions of patients and families navigating the tough road of cancer treatment, Amin faced the emotional toll, healthcare complexities, and urgent childcare challenges in balancing daily life and support for his family. 


Deeper research on social barriers and health-related social needs (HRSN) uncovered even greater disparities for cancer patients within an already strained healthcare system.


In response, Amin united a team of technology, security, compliance, and privacy experts to deliver the centralized support solution facilitating pathways toward treatment and care.

The founding story behind our mission.

Our team is rallying behind you. 

Alok Gupta, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisory Chairman

Strategic Advisor, Compliance

Co-Founder & CEO

Amin Koutouzian, PhD

Co-Founder & CCO

Lindsey Henn

Wei-Lee Jamrog

Murali Mani, PhD

Chief Information Security Officer

Strategic Advisor, Compliance

We are building a strategic alliance network of healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, and local businesses to extend support far beyond navigation and logistics. 

Our proprietary AI engine is built to immediately match patients with available resources while powering cost coverage optimization for those in need of financial aid. 

Rally Behind You is a purpose-driven platform. 

Meals & Groceries
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patient support

You and your loved ones aren’t alone during cancer treatment. Our mobile app streamlines access to on-demand support networks to help you with childcare, meals, and transportation.

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